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Facebook has over 2 BILLION users, is your practice effectively advertising to Facebook and Groupon users in your area?

We have a proven Facebook and Groupon advertising campaign that will generate new quality leads that can turn into life-time patients.
Did you know that if you do not contact and schedule a new lead within a few hours, that the chances of scheduling them go down exponentially? Each new patient we provide your clinic has the potential to become worth thousands in revenue, as a new life-time patient.

Our process for developing an effective ad campaign is simple.

1. We use proven and tested ads to offer potential patients the "Deal" they have been looking for.

2. We ensure that the proper demograohics are used to ensure we create quality leads.

3. We work with your office to schedule each qualified lead to increase the ROI on our Facebook campaigns.

Seaside Data Systems is proud to provide your practice with these tools for success.

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