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video visual web developmentHarness The Power of Video Marketing and Increase your Lead Generation.

Add Video Visual Web to your existing website and provide a way to engage your website visitors and generate more leads! Its like having 2 web sites in one.

Video Visual Web allows your website visitors to view VIDEO of the types of services and procedures you provide. The web player goes right on top of your existing website with an easy access button to allow the player to open and close on top of your current site. The image below is the tab a user would click to open and close the video player.


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mobile friendly
Easy to install - We can provide all files with instructions to your developer or install Video Visual for you at no additional charge.

Mobile Friendly - Video Visual is compatible with mobile devices.

Drop Down Menu - Just like a web site, we have included a Drop Down Menu for easy navigation.

4 Types of Lead Generation - We create and employ 4 types of Lead Gen and custom ads for your player.

Patient Video Testimonials - Powerful patient reviews that carry far more weight than Yelp, Google+, etc...

Videos describing services and treatments
- A quick way for patients to see what you can do for them.

Keyword rich text descriptions to improve local SEO - Loads of copy that Google will index and use for higher rankings.

Patient 3D Animated with Voiceover Educational videos
- Wow your patients with in depth video with voiceover of conditions and treatments.



How does it work?


It's easy to get started with Video Visual web for your office, just provide us with any video you would like to use in the player.


Patient Review Videos
Doctor Interviews
News Stories
Videos provided by your Vendor


...And then we will add our 3D animations with voiceover to both enhance and inform your visitors.


Your Patient Reviews and provided videos

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Our 3D Animations with Voiceover

laser therapy marketing

4 ways to collect leads

See how it works LIVE

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